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  • Mayor Park introduces the Seoul Green Policies to the World at Rio+C40

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    Mayor Park Won Soon, during his trip to Brazil, attended the C-40 (C-40 Cities Climate Leadership Group) meeting held in Rio de Janeiro on the eve of the Rio+20 Conference on June 19, local time, and introduced the environmentally-friendly, energy-saving Seoul is implementing as a member of the steering committee for the C-40, an organization of global megacity mayors.

    C-40 is a network of forty large cities around the world, including New York, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Seoul, Hong Kong and Tokyo, plus nineteen cooperative cities committed to combating the impact of climate change. They meet once every two years and share their key accomplishments and future challenges.

    Mayor Park joined the roundtable discussion on “Governance, Support and Institutional Arrangements for Sustainable Development” as a panelist along with Michael Bloomberg, Eduardo Paes, and Mpho Franklyn Tau, the mayors of NYC, Rio de Janeiro, and Johannesburg, respectively, leading the debates on pressing global issues in the fields of climate, energy and the environment.

    As an important case of a city administration’s governance, Mayor Park introduced the city’s specific goals of saving energy and eliminating the need for one nuclear power plant; the city’s leadership in opening swap meets across all its districts at least once a month to recycle a great variety of unused household items; its decision to collect unwanted electronic items free by removing charges on discarding large consumer electronics appliances; and its efforts to promote urban agriculture in a variety of ways, which have drawn a highly favorable response from citizens, as well as stressing the importance of collaboration between the public and private sectors in promoting all energy saving efforts.