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  • Mayor Park Introduces Smart City Technology to 110 Cities

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    Mayor Park Introduces Smart City Technology to 110 Cities

    The fourth general assembly for the World e-Governments Organization was held between June 27 and June 30 in Ulyanovsk, Russia attended by 350 people from 110 cities. Seoul’s most up-to-date SMART City technology developed by startups, large enterprises and public organizations was introduced to the world.

    Mayor Park demonstrated how to operate the first Digital Civic Mayor’s Office in the world at the assembly, introducing our technological prowess and paving the way to export our outstanding technology to the world.

    At the round table, in which mayors and executives from 60 cities participated in, Mayor Park introduced the Bukchon IoT Trial Area (50 locations planned to be installed by 2020), where the IoT technology developed by private enterprises will be applied to urban problems such as parking and waste disposal to address those issues. E Cube Labs, a startup that took part in the project, presented the ‘Smart Trash Can.’

    As the Chair of WeGO, Mayor Park Won-soon presided over the general assembly held under the theme of ‘Smart Sustainable Cities for All’ on the 28th and 29th and stressed the implementation of fast-developing digital technology to address urban problems through cooperation between cities.

    Mayor Park said, “WeGO has developed into a leading international organization in the field of e-government with 120 member cities and organizations that forms partner relationships with UN and the World Bank since starting out in 2010 with just 50 member cities.” He added, “As a digital pioneer ranked top in the World City e-Government evaluation for the seventh year in a row, the SMG will do its best to lead and support various causes to accomplish UN’s sustainable development goals and the goals faced by world cities and contribute to the improvement of the quality of life through the digital technology developed by startups, private enterprises and public organizations.”