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  • Mayor Park Attends Beam-Raising Ceremony for the Second Lotte World Tower’

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    On December 22, Mayor Park Won Soon attended a beam-raising ceremony for the Second Lotte World Tower. The tower is the tallest building in Korea and the first building nationwide to pass the 100-floor mark. Upon completion, the tower will be the sixth tallest building in the world at 555m (123 floors).

    The ceremony, held under the title ‘The Great Moment’, celebrated the installation of the H-shaped steel ridge pole (11m×0.5m) on the 123rd floor of the tower using a 64-ton tower crane. The ceremony was hosted by the Lotte Group starting at 13:30 on the 76th floor of the Second Lotte World Tower.

    In his celebratory address, Mayor Park said, “Going forward, the tower will become a symbol of the economic prowess and construction technology of Korea and serve as an important landmark not only of Seoul Metropolitan City, but of Korea as a nation. For the remainder of the project and into the future, safety must be made a top priority.”

    Prior to the official start of the ceremony, Mayor Park signed his name on the beam along with 200 other honored guests.


    On the same day as the beam-raising ceremony, a farewell ceremony was held at 17:00 in the Grand Conference Room of the new City Hall building for Im Jong-seok, vice mayor of political affairs. The farewell ceremony included an address by Mayor Park and was attended by 200 guests including senior officers and heads of government-funded institutions.

    Vice-Mayor Im Jong-seok has served in his position since June 23, 2014.