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  • Mayor Park appears as fashion model for Cool Biz campaign

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    On Tuesday, June 5, 2012 Mayor Park Won Soon appeared as a fashion model on the catwalk of the Cool Biz Fashion Show held in the Event Hall of Dongdaemun History & Culture Park along with various celebrities and ordinary citizen fashion models.

    None of the male fashion models wore jackets or ties, and they all unbuttoned one or two buttons on their shirts. It is said that such a simple action reduces one’s body temperature by one to two degrees Celsius.

    All the female models wore skirt instead of tight or wide-legged pants, and flat-soled shoes instead of high heels for added mobility.

    Meanwhile, secondary school student models introduced school uniforms with shorter leg trousers.

    All of these apparently minor fashion statements were part of the ‘Cool Biz’ campaign launched by the city government with the firm conviction that Seoul needs to become a ‘cool’ city.

    As you are no doubt well aware, ‘Cool Biz’ is a compound of ‘cool’ and ‘business,’ representing an energy-saving fashion campaign that calls for simpler clothing in summer so as to reduce the dependence on artificial air conditioning in the workplace.

    It is hoped the ‘cool biz look’ will not only conserve energy and reduce global warming but help improve work efficiency and labor productivity as well.