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  • Mayor Oh Se-hoon’s First Pledge to Establish a Task Force for Comprehensive Support for Single-Person Households

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is pursuing to establish a task force to provide omnidirectional support for 1.3 million single-person households, which was the first pledge of Mayor Oh Se-hoon. The SMG will immediately operate its special measure task force for single-person households starting on Apr. 19, and newly establish its special measure working group for single-person households in May as a permanent organization directly under the mayor following revised regulations.

    Mayor Oh Se-hoon has emphasized that comprehensive support is required for single-person households as their number is rapidly increasing to the extent that their percentage is about 33% among all households in Seoul, while support measures are implemented only in separate fields, such as residence, welfare, and safety. Thus, Mayor Oh Se-hoon presented the establishment of a special measure working group for single-person households to address five major concerns (i.e. safety, disease, poverty, loneliness, housing) as part of his first pledge.

    The newly established task force serves as the control tower for supporting single-person households. Dispersed functions of offices, bureaus and headquarters will be streamlined, existing projects will be reorganized considering single-person households, and new projects will be discovered as customized projects for those in demand.

    As the reorganization and shifting of organizational functions require revision of ordinances and rules, the SMG will first start the operation of the task force, which is possible to establish immediately, to minimize the time required for reorganization and accelerate the speed of pursuing its policies.