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  • Mayor Oh says, “Integrity is first step toward a great Seoul City.”

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    Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon held a quarterly regular meeting, with some 3,720 officials of Seoul City, at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts at 8:00 a.m. on Feb. 26.

    During the meeting, when asked about what were the most rewarding and least rewarding aspects among the changes Seoul had made so far, Oh said the most rewarding aspect was that Seoul was ranked top on a list of integrity. The least rewarding aspect was that the city had failed to keep the top spot on the integrity list for a second consecutive year. Oh went on to emphasize that integrity is the first step toward ‘a great Seoul City’, and he urged all of the officials to roll up their sleeves and regain the top stop this year. Last year, the city was ranked ninth on the list of integrity after taking No. 1 spot in 2008.