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  • Mayor Oh says, “Design is everything.”

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    Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon hosted the opening ceremony for the ‘WDC World Design Cities Summit,’ on Feb. 23 at Grand Hyatt Seoul (Hotel), raising a curtain for the two-day event.

    In his opening speech, Oh commented on how design makes a city safe, pleasant and convenient. “Through design, we discover room for improvements and even make them better. Good design helps local governments to communicate with its citizens,” Oh said. “Also, design creates high added value. Ultimately, design is the key to enhancing the quality of life. I think good design is characterized by consideration, communication, culture, leisure, pleasure and the economy. So, if I were to summarize it in one sentence: “Design is everything,” Oh concluded.

    On the second day of the summit on Feb. 24, the mayors and representatives from the participating cities signed the ‘Seoul Design Declaration,’ which outlines a plan for urban development through design, at the Mayor’s Round Table. Following this, Mayor Oh announced the declaration as the host city of the summit.

    Under the theme of ‘Design and Cities: Designing a Competitive City for the 21st Century,’ the summit was held in Seoul for the first time and consisted of three main sessions: ‘Design & Urban Development,’ ‘Design & Business’ and ‘Design & Quality of Life.’