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  • Mayor Oh promotes Seoul at Shanghai Expo

  • Integrated News SMG 2320

    A special “Seoul Night” was held on June 18 at the World Expo 2010 Shanghai, the Seoul City government has announced. The event was specially organized to highlight the attractions of Seoul to the expo visitors from all over the world, with Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon on site actively promoting the Korean capital.

    The official opening ceremony began with a performance by a fusion-traditional Korean music group at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts. A visual projection of the future of Seoul was also featured, offering a scenic view and moving insight into our visitor-friendly city. The festive mood was heightened with a combined performance of “Sachoom” and “Drumcat”, two performances that are popular among foreigners.

    “I believe the international tourists here have fully felt the beauty of Seoul through this Seoul Night event, and I hope such interest will result in a visit to our city,” Mayor Oh said. “Seoul citizens warmly welcome visitors from all over the world.”

    Seoul City said it recreated Insa-dong at the expo site. Insa-dong is a quaint street in Seoul devoted to offering visitors a traditional Korean experience. ‘Insa-dong’ in the Seoul pavilion was designed to allow the international tourists to actually see and feel the dynamic characteristics of Korea’s traditional recreational activities.

    Visitors were offered the opportunity to try on traditional costumes and play various age-old games.

    Mayor Oh also had the chance to visit the Seoul promotion site, which features diverse programs and content to demonstrate the country’s world-class level of information technologies.

    Seoul City is also holding a raffle draw event, which is a free trip to Seoul. Korea’s capital is being promoted with a fresh and clean image.

    The city is also aggressively making efforts to raise public awareness of Seoul’s World Design City campaign and offering design-related souvenirs.

    Seoul City said that as many as 892,815 people visited the Seoul pavilion between May 1 (the opening day) and mid-June. It expects the total to soon reach 1 million.

    Seoul’s theme at the Shanghai Expo is “Culturenomics and IT.” To provide a comprehensive and enriching introduction of the city, the pavilion has five zones, such as the touring zone, a Seoul Plaza zone, a Seoul Sky zone, a Seoul Renaissance zone.

    Seoul City says the pavilion’s cutting-edge IT techniques differentiate it from the others.

    “It’s like an average of 20,000 people (so far) experiencing the attractive aspects of Seoul each day,” a Seoul City official said. “We will make our utmost efforts to make the Shanghai Expo an opportunity to attract tourists to Seoul and promote our city at this global event through our pavilion.”