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  • Mayor Oh praises youth job-creation

  • Integrated News SMG 2448

    On June 15, Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon handed out graduation certificates to young entrepreneurs at the first graduation ceremony of the “Youth Entrepreneurial 1000 Project” and applauded the young achievers enjoying the fruits of their efforts one year after the launch of their businesses.

    Seoul City is the first local government to hold the Youth Entrepreneurial 1000 Project, an endeavor aimed at fostering the conditions to help individuals in their 20s and 30s actualize their business ideas.

    Since July 2009, 59 percent of the 509 companies have secured a business license, while 360 companies have grown into a respectable small- and medium-sized enterprise, posting 19 billion won in sales. Meanwhile, the companies have helped to create 1,700 jobs within one year.

    Seventy cases also garnered awards abroad for their business activities and development.

    The first graduation celebration served as a time for looking back on the graduates’ achievements throughout the past year and as an opportunity for promoting their products to the public.

    Mayor Oh said that the better-than-expected first year results served to ease the problem of the country’s high youth unemployment rate. He vowed to stand as a firm supporter for young entrepreneurs by offering continual support for establishing distribution routes, implementing marketing strategies and opening up investment opportunities.