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  • Mayor Oh, “I will become a mayor who values communication, integration and the future.”

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    The inauguration ceremony of the 34th Mayor of Seoul city, Oh Se-hoon, was held at the grand theater of the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts on July 1st, 2010. Distinguished figures from every social sphere and 3000 citizens attended the ceremony.

    Mayor Oh has become the first two-time mayor of Seoul city, and he promised to respect the will of the people in his inauguration speech. He also said that he will make every effort to accelerate change in the city on the basis of the experience he has accumulated over the last four years. To this end, he promised to become a mayor focusing on better understanding the citizens, promoting social integration and preparing for the future. And he also promised to make Seoul reach its full potential to become one of the global top five cities thereby making its citizens proud and happy.

    At the ceremony, citizens who benefit from Seoul’s welfare policies sang the song ‘Dream, Got Wings’ in chorus. Their harmony sent out a message of hope for a bright future. Seoul Welfare Network has various projects, such as Dream Account, the Hope and Work Project and the Happy City Project for the disabled. Manifesting the will of communication, the video entitled ‘the Voices of Citizens’ was shown as well.

    Especially, a booth was installed in the lobby of the venue to find sponsors to support Seoul’s welfare policies, such as Hope Plus Account, which is a financial outreach program for low-income families that helps them to stand on their own feet. It involves the metropolitan government and private partner organizations depositing money proportional to the amount saved by the registered working families. Mayor Oh also showed his will to pursue welfare policies by donating his honorarium and royalties.

    A person concerned said that the inauguration showed Mayor Oh’s will to consider and support the vulnerable thereby making Seoul a human-centered city.