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  • Mayor Oh celebrates healthy global city conference

  • Integrated News SMG 2341

    Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon congratulated the 4th Global Conference Alliance for Healthy Cities on its opening as it made its way to Seoul in late October, Seoul City said.

    The mayor gave a congratulatory speech at the opening ceremony on Oct. 28, underscoring the importance of promoting a healthy city. The global convention on health took place from Oct. 26 to 29 at the COEX in southern Seoul.

    The mayor, during his speech, vowed to foster the Korean capital as a city that prioritizes the health of its citizens and thereby improves quality of life by promoting a “clean and green” environment. He added that the global conference needs to further invigorate its network of global alliance healthy cities members, while it plays a role in devising a new policy framework for creating healthy cities.

    An estimated 1,000 people attended the opening ceremony. The participants included city mayors, scholars and relevant experts from as many as 91 cities across 18 countries. The first conference was held in Malaysia, while the second was held in China and the third in Japan. Seoul City said hosting this year’s convention served to generate an economic effect worth 14.6 billion won, both directly and indirectly, and also helped to create jobs. It added that it expects the event to bring extra benefits through its efforts to market the city. This year’s conference, which took place under the theme “Ubiquitous Healthy City,” featured international seminars, networking events, exhibitions, and on-site field trips. All of the activities were aimed at drawing up a future plan for advancement. The Alliance for Healthy Cities, the sponsor of the convention, currently consists of 158 cities and organizations from 11 countries.