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  • Mayor Oh attends ceremony for telephone service for elderly people living alone

  • Integrated News SMG 3048

    Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon attended a ceremony announcing a ‘Telephone-Care Service for Elderly People Living Alone’ and signed a letter of intent with call-center operators and volunteer groups. The ceremony was held on Jan. 20 at the 120 Dasan Call Center in Sinseol-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, in the wake of the second anniversary of the launch of the 120 Dasan Call Center.

    Under the letter of intent, 23 call-center operators and volunteer groups agreed to participate in the ‘Telephone-Care Service for Elderly People Living Alone.” The service included making a phone call to elderly people at least twice a week to check their health, hoping to help develop Seoul into a sharing and affectionate neighborhood.

    In an opening remark at the ceremony, Oh said he expected the telephone-care service to become a good model for welfare with citizen participation. One of the main targets for Seoul’s welfare policy this year is a ‘participatory welfare,’ which encourages citizens to actively join efforts to help underprivileged people in Seoul, Oh said. Other main targets aim to achieve ‘autonomous welfare’ and ‘comprehensive welfare’ services, Oh added.

    Meanwhile, a reputation for services of the 120 Dasan Call Center is spilling over local government, private sectors and worldwide. Already, 440 local institutions benchmarked the 120 Dasan Call Center. Also, 44 cities from 27 countries, including Moscow and Guangxi Province in China, have learned about the services. So far, the 120 Dasan Call Center has received nine awards honoring its services, including the Best Award for Customer Satisfaction, and earned seven certifications, including the ISO9001 standard for quality management systems.