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  • Mayor Oh attends ceremony for socially responsible companies

  • Integrated News SMG 3231

    Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon hosted a ceremony to encourage ‘Seoul-style socially responsible companies’ with the heads of 110 companies picked by the city as the initial group of ‘Seoul-style socially responsible firms’. The ceremony was held at 10:00 a.m. on Feb. 3 at the Korea Press Center.

    In his speech, the mayor said that his top priority is to create jobs, adding he believes that the starting point for the happiness of citizens in Seoul is to have work. To cope with the economic crisis, Seoul City has launched a number of projects to create jobs, including Seoul Job Plus Center and financial aids to small- and medium-sized firms. As a result, Mayor Oh emphasized that the number of jobs in Seoul rose about 2.5-fold last year, compared with the employment numbers before he was inaugurated as mayor.

    In addition, in a special measure to create high-quality jobs, the city plans to find and nurture 1,000 socially responsible companies over the next three years. The measure aims to create 28,000 jobs. The mayor said the special measure is one of the city’s core projects for job creation j this year, adding he will make a breakthrough to achieve his target of creating jobs, while at the same time ensuring welfare, at a time when job creation is difficult.