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  • Mayor Oh, “Reducing power consumption is the most effective way to reduce green house gas emission”

  • Integrated News SMG 2498

    On July 30, Mayor Oh Se-Hoon awarded 55 households and companies that participated in the eco-mileage system and successfully reduced their energy consumption.

    In an attempt to reduce green house gas emissions, the Seoul Metropolitan Government introduced the eco-mileage system last year. The eco-mileage program is a citizen-participation program which provides various incentives to participants in accordance with the amount of energy they save. About 260,000 households and 20,000 organizations have voluntarily participated in the program since it was launched in September, 2009. Among the 2,878 organizations and 80,840 households that signed up for the program more than six months ago, 1,050 organizations and 31,618 households have lowered carbon dioxide emissions by 59,391 tons.

    The metropolitan government awarded 20 households and 35 organizations among the participants who reduced more than 10% of their power consumption on average over six months.

    Mayor Oh said in his brief address that in the case of Seoul, unlike other cities, buildings such as houses and schools account for as much as 64% of green house gas emissions. Therefore, through the voluntary participation of citizens, it is possible to cut emissions immediately without introducing any specific facilities or technology. He also called on citizens to conserve energy in their daily lives.