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  • Mayor Oh, “IT is expected to bring about mutual prosperity of world cities”

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    The inaugural assembly of the World e-Governments Organization of Cities and Local Governments (WEGO) was held in Seoul on September 7. For the first time in the world, Seoul as a local government led the establishment of an IT-related international organization. Under the theme of “e-Sharing for All”, the inaugural assembly provided the opportunity to reinforce Korea’s position as an IT powerhouse of the world.

    Mayor Oh Se-Hoon, the first chairman of WEGO, said in his opening address that e-Governance has become a core value which most cities in the world pursue, and he expects that IT will bring about mutual prosperity of cities and local governments by helping them share information and cooperate with each other. Moreover, he added that he is convinced that WEGO will lay the groundwork for mutual prosperity and better future for all participating cities.

    The 50 participating cities including Seoul voted for the regulations of WEGO and elected the first chairperson and vice chairperson, establishing the foundation of the organization.

    The inaugural assembly of WEGO is a meaningful achievement for world cities, and is significant that Seoul took the lead of its launch. Seoul city held the World e-Government Mayors Forum in July 2008, and then the Seoul e-Government Declaration was adopted by mayors and representatives from 33 cities around the world. Seoul hosted the World Cities CIO Forum in 2009, and launched the inaugural assembly preparation committee in June 2009.