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  • Mayor of Seoul Visits Yangjae Innovation Hub to Discuss Promotion of Start-Ups

  • Mayor's News2 SMG 1155

    On December 12, 2019, Mayor Park Won-soon of Seoul visited the Yangjae Innovation Hub to discuss ways to vitalize start-up businesses with about 60 young individuals who are working in various institutions that were founded and are being operated based on the business support of Seoul.

    The 60 young individuals are entrepreneurs who are actively starting their own businesses, working at Yangjae Innovation Hub, Seoul Startup Hub, Seoul Fintech Lab, Seoul Biohub, YouthField, Campus Town, and other hubs of the sort that are being operated by the city of Seoul.

    Yangjae Innovation Hub was built in December 2017 and has been operated by Seoul to secure a driving force for economic growth by reinforcing the industrial competitiveness of Seoul AI. Currently, 50 promising start-ups with AI-based technologies are housed in the building and are being offered offices and support programs for their growth and development.

    Before the discussion, Mayor Park browsed the products of the companies that moved into the Yangjae Innovation Hub and observed the operation of AI self-driving vehicles.