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  • Mayor of Seoul Shares Disinfection Know-How with Stanford’s Scholarship Students of via Video Conference

  • International Relations News SMG 2822

    On Thu, May 28, Mayor Park Won-soon of Seoul participated in a video conference with graduate students of Stanford University’s prestigious Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program to share the disinfection and quarantine know-how of South Korea (K-quarantine) and Seoul (S-quarantine).

    The video conference was held following the request from the scholarship foundation of Knight-Hennessy Scholars as they wanted to learn the COVID-19 handling experience and know-how of Seoul, a city sustaining its functions as a metropolitan city where the number of deaths almost comes down to zero, unlike the situation in the US where a massive number of deaths occurred.

    Mayor Park Won-soon delivered a message under the theme of “The Experience of Seoul Against COVID-19 and the Vision of Seoul for the Post-Coronavirus Era,” and introduced various innovations and efforts that Seoul has attempted in the course of fighting the infectious disease. He suggested “innovation” and “solidarity” as the keywords to tackle COVID-19, explaining the city’s successful policies including innovative testing methods, such as drive-through and walk-through screening centers, and social distancing that proved to be a success based on citizens’ cooperation.

    Mayor Park Won-soon also suggested three major strategies of Seoul to take a leap to become a city of international standard in the post-coronavirus era by making Seoul the standard city of “new disinfection model,” the standard city to tackle “social inequality,” and the standard city of “international solidarity.”

    Mayor Park Won-soon had already met the students of the Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program at Stanford University when he gave a lecture at the beginning of this year. In January, he was invited by John L. Hennessy, former President of Stanford University and current Chairman of Alphabet Inc., the holding company of Google, while taking a tour of the US, and gave a lecture under the theme of “Seoul, A Smart City Embracing Citizens’ Lives Through New Technology,” appealing to the graduate students.

    Before the video conference, Mayor Park Won-soon shared Seoul’s experiences responding to COVID-19 via video conferences with the Vice-President of Colombia and the Mayors of Istanbul, Athens and other cities. Responding to demands of international organizations and overseas cities, the SMG has also established CAC (Cities Against COVID-19), an online platform with over 6 million views so far, to share the disinfection policies and know-how of the city.