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  • Mayor of Seoul Participates in Plogging, Picking Up Trash While Jogging

  • Mayor's News SMG 2518

    Mayor Park Won-soon participated in the “Making a Clean Seoul, Hej Plogging” event held at the Banpo Hangang Park lower waterside (Yebitseom Island) stage on October 12, 2019 with 1,500 other participants. After warming up and basic running training with the citizens, Mayor Park took part in the “Walking Plogging” course, which involved the activity of picking up trash while walking. “Plogging” is the combination of the Sweden term to “pick up (plocka upp)” and the English word “jogging,” and it represents the act of picking up trash while walking or jogging. This activity first began in Sweden in 2016.

    In his congratulatory speech, Mayor Park anticipated that the plogging event held with corporations and both public and social businesses would lead to the development of healthy habits that would solve the problem of waste produced at Hangang River, as well as disposables.