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  • Mayor of Seoul Participates in Ceremony to Celebrate 20th Anniversary of June 15th North–South Joint Declaration

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    Mayor Park Won Soon of Seoul participated in the ceremony to celebrate the 20th anniversary of June 15th North-South Joint Declaration, which was the first agreement between the heads of South Korea and North Korea and the foundation of peace on the Korean Peninsula. Various events took place under the theme, “Peace.Come” to represent the touching moment of the signing of the June 15th Joint Declaration and look back on the major steps that have been leading the peaceful relationship between North Korea and South Korea over the past 20 years.

    Mayor Park also participated in the banquet before the ceremony and gave a congratulatory speech to express the wishes to reminisce on the historical tasks included in June 15th North-South Joint Declaration and create a tomorrow of joint prosperity and peaceful coexistence by collecting and using the wisdom of this historical day 20 years ago.