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  • Mayor of Seoul, Park Won Soon, Participates in Opening Ceremony of YES SME Fair

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    Park Won Soon, the Mayor of Seoul, participated in the opening ceremony of the YES SME Fair held on August 23, 2019 with the participation of over 200 Seoulites. He offered a message of support and encouragement to SMEs, merchants, and farmers who are facing difficulties due to the restriction on exports to Japan.

    The YES SME Fair was held from August 23 to 24 and was organized by the city of Seoul. It is the event that is held based on social solidarity between the government, private sector, and citizens with the aim of minimizing the damage of SMEs and farmers caused by the restriction on exports to Japan. A total of over 230 companies selling household items, agro-fishery products & processed foods, fashion items & jewelry, or travel products participated in the fair.

    To find out more, go to http://english.seoul.go.kr/seoul-holds-yes-sme-fair/

    In his opening speech, Mayor Park Won Soon emphasized that the power to overcome the export restriction comes from such solidarity and showed Seoul’s strong will to employ the most administrative capabilities to minimize the damage to companies, merchants, and farmers.

    Mayor Park also joined in the cheer performance with pickets together with the other guests. After the opening ceremony, he visited the sales booths, one after another, installed in Seoul Plaza, Mugyo-ro, Cheonggye Plaza, and the Press Center to listen to the voices of SMEs, merchants, and farmers.