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  • Mayor of Seoul Park Won Soon Exchanges Frank Talk with Young People

  • SMG 2025

    Mayor of Seoul Park Won Soon attended a special session for a candid exchange of views on Seoul Metropolitan Government’s policy toward young people.

    Members of Cheongjeong Bibimbap, a youth governance, took part in the session which gave young people an opportunity to air their opinions on Seoul Metropolitan Government’s youth policies. The network is engaged in the development and research of youth policies in twelve sectors including jobs, culture, welfare, house, and startups.

    At the session, Mayor Park Won Soon said that he would reflect the proposals he heard directly from the young people in the establishment of Seoul Metropolitan Government’s policies. The young panelists conveyed the ideas held by many young people that they had collected during two months of public hearings and workshops.

    The twenty proposals made by the young panelists included the operation of a center for the protection of young people working part-time; the enactment of guidelines for the safe gosiwon (a small room that types of accommodation in Korea); underground-room renovation project; the provision of support for future artists; the operation of education facilities for infants and toddlers; and a pilot project to supply rental apartments for young people. In addition to airing the proposals, they explained the background to their proposals and desirable methods of promoting the relevant policies, etc.

    After the session, Mr. Park Won Soon declared that the city should encourage young people to take part in the process of formulating and executing youth-related policies so that their future ideals may be realized, all the more so as they are the generation who will ultimately take responsibility for the future of Seoul. He added, “It is clear that they have developed their policy proposals to a considerable depth. We at Seoul Metropolitan Government will strive to make youth governance take root and ensure that our youth policies are formulated in the way desired by them.”