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  • Mayor of Seoul Holds “COVID-19 Video Seminar” with Global Leaders

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    Mayor Park Won-soon held a “COVID-19 Countermeasure Video Seminar” with the global startup accelerator, Plug and Play Tech Center, to introduce Seoul’s quarantine experiences and expertise regarding the city’s active response to COVID-19. The video seminar held at the Mayor’s Office on April 17, 2020 included participation by 500 individuals from municipal governments including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sidney, in addition to officials of global industries such as Daimler AG, J&J, Porsche AG, Bosch, and Deloitte.

    Saeed Amidi, the CEO and creator of Plug and Play Tech Center, planned a series of talks about COVID-19 with leaders from around the globe. The CEO first made the suggestion of hosting a video seminar to Mayor Park Won-soon, to which Mayor Park responded positively. Plug and Play Tech Center, located in Silicon Valley, California, is an investment company that produced global enterprises like PayPal and Dropbox, boasting thirty-five branches, global conglomerates, and colleges as part of its extensive international network.

    Forty minutes of the sixty-minute seminar was a one-on-one talk between Mayor Park Won-soon and CEO Saeed Amidi. The following twenty minutes consisted of a Q&A session with participation by foreign municipal governments and officials of enterprises who addressed the current state of Seoul’s countermeasures against the infectious COVID-19 disease and leading countermeasure policies.

    Mayor Park introduced innovative examples for speedy testing for COVID-19, such as the drive-through screening stations and walk-through screening centers. He also presented transparently providing the paths of movement of confirmed patients to the public through the use of smart technology and described the current state of Seoul, which continues to maintain its urban functions without restricting the movement of citizens.

    Moreover, Mayor Park explained that operation of the systematic and active testing system was possible due to ▴the promptness and transparency of the SMG, ▴the innovation of the public, and ▴mature awareness of the citizens.

    Mayor Park stressed that despite the domino effect of the prolonged COVID-19 situation on society, the SMG did not resort to shutdowns or the paralysis of urban functions, but instead made efforts for society and the economy to maintain their functions as much as possible.

    Prior to the latest video seminar, Mayor Park Won-soon held a video conference with Mayor Kostas Bakoyannis of Athens on March 31 and another one with Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu of Istanbul and Mayor Pirouz Hanachi of Tehran on April 14 as a result of requests by the sister and friendship cities for the mayor to share the experiences and expertise of Seoul related to countermeasures against the COVID-19 disease.