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  • Mayor of Seoul Discusses Cultural Use of Gwanghwamun Square at Gwanghwamun Culture Discussion

  • Mayor's News2 SMG 2003

    On November 26, 2019, Mayor Park Won-soon of Seoul participated in the “Gwanghwamun Culture Forum” in the large air dome that was established in Gwanghwamun Square. This forum aimed to renew Gwanghwamun Square together with the citizens. The mayor had discussions with about 200 individuals including citizens, experts, and members of the Gwanghwamun Citizens Council.

    The forum was a venue for discussions on ways to turn Gwanghwamun Square into a new cultural place as well as the values that the square should deliver. Mayor Park Won-soon took part in Session 1 under the theme of “Gwanghwamun Square, We hope for ” as a debater.

    The umbrella topic of the Gwanghwamun Culture Forum was “Gwanghwamun Square is .” Each session was held under a different theme and participants filled in the blank with their vision for Gwanghwamun Square to share their opinions.

    The forum was comprised of three sessions. ▴ Session 1. spaces that the Gwanghwamun Square should include in order to become a new cultural space, ▴ Session 2. rules for the use of the Gwanghwamun Square, and ▴ Session 3. values that the Gwanghwamun Square should deliver for the future generations.