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  • May Seoul Global Cultural Center Programs

  • SMG 4035

    May is family month in Korea. Accordingly, the Seoul Global Cultural Center will host a variety of cultural programs centering on family for foreign residents and foreign tourists.

    Programs include Hangeul calligraphy (May 2nd), writing a postcard (May 2nd-8th), children’s hanbok-wearing (May 4th), carnation-making (May 8th), and seodang experience (May 13th).

    At the seodang experience program, you can learn about household and school etiquettes from a village teacher and write down your own family motto. An interpreter will be present to provide explanation.

    All interactive programs can be reserved on-line or through onsite visit. Each program will accept up to 20 students on a first-come-first-serve basis.

    The Seoul Global Cultural Center, operated by the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG), offers foreigners useful tips on living in Korea and provides various opportunities to learn about Korean culture through programs on traditional attire, craftwork, dance, Korean cooking, and makeup classes.

    [Programs in May]

    • ○ Time: May 2-13, 2017
    • ○ Place: Seoul Global Cultural Center (5F, M Plaza, 27, Myeongdong 8-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul)
    • ○ Programs
    Programs in May programs
    Program Time Description
    Calligraphy May 2, 16:00~17:00 Write your Korean name on a fan
    Coloring May 2-8,
    Coloring wooden handicraft for children
    Postcard-writing May 2-8,
    Send postcards home
    Folk painting May 4, 14:00~16:00 Folk painting using traditional Korean dyes
    Children’s hanbok-wearing May 5,
    Hanbok wearing and instant photo printing
    Family movie May 6, 15:00~17:00 Korean movie screening (English subtitles): Herb
    Traditional paper carnation May 8, 16:00~17:30 Carnation-making for Parent’s Day
    Seodang experience May 13,
    Learn traditional manners and calligraphy with a village teacher
    Programs in May programs imgage
    Hangeul Calligraphy Folk Painting K-POP Dance
    Hangeul Calligraphy Folk Painting K-POP Dance
    Holiday Traditions Field Trip Lectures on Korean Culture
    Holiday Traditions Field Trip Lectures on Korean Culture
    Korean Cooking Hanbok-wearing K-Beauty Makeup Class
    Korean Cooking Hanbok-wearing K-Beauty Makeup Class