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Monthly Event Calendar

  • May 2015 Cultural Events Calendar

  • Monthly Event Calendar SMG 3111


    Event Dates Venue Description Admission Contact
    2015 Seoul Templestay Week May 1 (Fri) – May 14 (Thu) Buddhist Temples: Gwanmunsa, International Seon Center, Geumseonsa, Gilsangsa, Myogaksa, Bongeunsa, Jogyesa, Jingwansa, and Hwagyesa A templestay that offers guidance on finding the “Tao (way)” of happiness, for only 10,000 won
    1 night, 2 days: KRW 10,000, Day Trip: KRW 5,000 02-2031-2027
    The 70th Anniversary of Korean Liberation, 100 Years of Modern Korean Poetry May 1 (Fri) – May 11 (Mon), 10:00-20:00 Sejong Museum of Art (Fl. B1) Exhibition of rare books of modern poetry from the past 100 years—Showcases framed, handwritten poetry and scrolls of poetry, poems, and illustrations, and celebrates the 90th anniversary of the publication of Azaleas, handwritten poems about the DMZ. Includes citizen participatory events.
    Free 02-586-0622
    Enchanted Seven Dwarfs May 15 (Fri) – Jun 14 (Sun) Tue-Thu: 11:00, Fri: 19:30 Weekends and holidays: 13:00, 16:00 Sejong M Theater A musical fantasy that recreates Snow White, the famous Grimms’ fairy tale
    R Seat:
    KRW 50,000,
    S Seat:
    KRW 30,000,
    A Seat:
    KRW 20,000
    Everyone is an Artist! Silverlight Festival Apr 11 (Sat) – Jun 14 (Sun)
    Event Hall, Citizens’ Hall, (Fl. B2) Participants learn how to dance and sing, plan small activities, and organize a party for the elderly.
    Free 02-739-5811
    Weekend Family Class“Travel Back in Time to Ancient Korea with Your Family” Apr 12 – Jun 28 (Sun)
    2nd and 4th Sundays of the month
    Education Hall, Seoul Baekje Museum A program in which families participate as teams and enjoy traditional games, such as making origami replicas of historic relics, relic scavenger hunt, the “Chilgyo” seven-piece puzzle, and others.
    free 02-2152-5830
    Artists at Hanok-Tomorrow’s Artists May 6 (Wed) – Jun 5 (Fri) 20:00 Main Building of the Min Family Mansion, Namsangol Hanok Village “Tomorrow’s Artists” is a traditional Korean music performance by 15 up-and-coming traditional Korean musicians who were selected by four master musicians through auditions
    KRW 30,000
    KRW 20,000
    Orchard Farming Experience for Teens at Jungnang Camping Forest May 16 (Sat) 14:00-16:00 Jungnang Camping Forest Pruning pear trees
    (Orchard Farming Experience at Jungnang Camping Forest)
    Free 02-3783-5996~7
    Musical“The Nation of the King” May 22 (Fri) – May 23 (Sat) Fri: 19:30 Sat: 15:00, 19:00 Main Hall Hae, National Theater of Korea A touching love story presented by King Gongmin, Queen Noguk, and the citizens of Goryeo!
    VIP Seat:
    KRW 100,000
    R Seat:
    KRW 80,000
    S Seat:
    KRW 60,000
    A Seat:
    KRW 40,000
    Unhyeongung Palace Sunday Festival “When Flowers Bloom” May 3 – May 31 (Sun) Every Sunday 15:00-16:30 Unhyeongung Palace Outdoor Stage A classy performance of traditional music, dance, and plays
    Free 02-766-9090