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  • Master Plan to Establish International Exchange Complex in Jamsil Sports Complex Area

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced a master plan and guidelines for each facility comprising the International Complex in the Jamsil Sports Complex area. By the year 2025, the 414,205㎡ area is going to be transformed into a hub of international business exchange, leading the future global competitiveness of Seoul.

    The SMG set the plan to preserve and regenerate the main stadium, saving the value and historical significance of the venue of the 1988 Olympics. Based on this background, the city plans to recreate the area as a global MICE hub through exhibitions, conventions, performances, and entertainment spaces mingled together. The existing sports facilities including the baseball stadium, the swimming pool, and the gymnasium will be rearranged and reconstructed.

    For example, the baseball stadium will be moved to the riverside of Hangang River, and is expected to be a unique attraction of the city where 35,000 people can enjoy the games, a scale larger than ever before.

    For MICE facilities, exhibition and convention facilities covering 100,000㎡ or more will be available for exclusive use, and a high-end hotel with 1,500 rooms will be constructed. The exhibition and convention facilities occupying 195,000㎡ will be an exhibition & convention cluster on an international scale.

    Its administrative procedures will start in 2016 and 2019 through three phases; the construction is scheduled to begin in 2025.