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  • March 2014 Cultural Events Calendar

  • Monthly Event Calendar SMG 3726


    Event Period Venue Content Tel. No.
    [Special Exhibition]
    Chaekgado (a painting of books, stationery items and other household items )
    Mar.4(Tue)~Apr.20 (Sun) (Tue~Fri) 9:00~21:00/
    Exhibition Room of the Seoul Metropolitan Library Showcases photos of bookshelves owned by 11 contemporary writers who represent Korea, such as Kim Hoon, Park Bumsin, Hwang Seok-yeong, and Lee oisoo, as well as Chaekgado paintings collected by Seoul citizens
    Cartoonists’ Housewarming Party Dec.19 (Thu), 2013~’Apr.13 (Sun), 2014 9:00~18:00 Seoul Animation Center Exhibits major artworks by 9 webtoon artists at Zaemirang Gallery, a cartoon cultural space
    SeMA GOLD: Nobody Mar.11(Tue)~May18(Sun) 10:00~20:00 2F Gallery. of the main building of the Seoul Museum of Art Exhibits SeMA Gold, which sheds light on middle-aged artists who represent Korea but who are nobody since they belong nowhere, such as artists Yong Soon Min, Jin-me Yoon, and Sook Jin Jo
    Exhibition of Gansong Culture Mar.21~all year round
    DDP Design Museum It is a special exhibition of artworks collected by the Gansong Museum of Art, including national treasures such as Hunmin jeongeum haerye, for visitors to see the archetype of Korean creative design culture.
    Admission: 8,000 won
    Michel Plasson’s Fantasy Symphony

    Hana Classic Series 2-II
    Concert Hall of Seoul Arts Center • Conductor: Michel Plasson
    • Accompanyist: Huysein Sermet (piano)
    • Program
    – Mozart’s Piano Concerto No.24
    – Berlioz’s Symphony fantastique
    R Seats 70,000 won each/ S Seats 50,000 won each/ A Seats 30,000 won each
    B Seats 20,000 won each/C Seats 10,000 won each
    Opera Matinee Rigoletto Mar.18 (Tue) 11:00 Sejong Chamber Hall Presents highlights of the opera [Rigoletto] with interpretation
    R Seats 25,000won each/S Seats 20,000won each
    The 2nd anniversary of the opening of the City Hall Mar.28(Fri)
    City Hall Holds cultural events such as exhibitions and chamber music concert; opens space for citizens
    Seoul’s Trees Mar.26(Wed)~Apr.27(Sun)
    Sky Plaza Gallery in the City Hall Main Building(8th Fl) Showcases contest-winning artwork series 3, Seoul’s tree illustration artwork, natural monuments, and small trees at the Sky Plaza Gallery
    Sports Design: Sports & Design for All Mar.21~May26
    Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP)
    Design Exhibition Hall
    Sheds light on the contribution and role of design in history, innovation, art, and daily life through the field of sports
    8,000 won
    The Republic of Apartments Mar.6(Thu)~May6(Tue)
    (Weekend, Holidays)
    Special Exhibition Hall A/B of the Seoul Museum of History Exhibits various artworks related to apartments and social phenomena occurring with the expansion of apartments as well as the history of apartments from the perspective of artists