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  • “Mapo Oil Reserve Base” International Design Competition

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    – Creating Cultural Depot from Oil Depot –
    Open to architects and landscape experts all around the world, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has launched a unique design contest for the creation of a cultural icon from a huge oil depot.

    This contest is open to architects around the world. August 12 (Tues) is the deadline for submitting specific designs.

    This international design contest aims to select a creative and high-quality design that embodies the concept of a “place for citizens and a focus on the environment and regeneration,” using the tanks and the surrounding areas. Designs can be submitted between May 13 (Tues) and August 12 (Tues).

    The city government aims to maximize the industrial legacy of the base and its spatial value that includes five underground storage tanks, with unique interiors, placed at the foot of Maebongsan (Mountain). The Seoul Metropolitan Government is planning to finalize the basic and working designs in 2015 and begin construction in 2016.

    The 101,510㎡-wide eco-friendly park to be added must include spaces for performances, exhibitions, and information exchanges.

    When a 101,510㎡-wide eco-friendly park is subsequently created in the areas including and surrounding the oil reserve base, spaces and facilities for performance, information exchanges, and exhibitions will all be promoted and easily staged on a total ground area of 5,400㎡.

    ▴ A performance space should be able to accommodate various performances and 150 to 200 audiences.
    ▴ An information exchange space should include a library that can accommodate a maximum of 50 people comfortably browsing through the library’s contents of books, documents, and other types of information. The design of the space must also include a multi-purpose lecture hall capable of accommodating about 100 people at a time for various seminars and lectures.

    ▴ An exhibition space should include a permanent exhibition section that uses the fifth tank to showcase exhibits on ecological preservation and a special exhibition section that uses another tank or space to display various exhibits.

    Individuals or teams of no more than five people may apply. One person, in any group application, must be a licensed architect.

    A total of 13 designs to be selected, The winning team will be given the right to plan the basic and working designs, Construction to begin in 2016.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will select a total of 13 designs, and the first prize awardee(s) will be given the right to plan the basic and working designs. The evaluation of the submitted designs will begin with technical evaluations on August, and the finalists will be selected through a series of main evaluations between August 21 and 23. The award ceremony and an exhibition of the selected designs will be held from September 12 and 19.

    Place No. of Awardees Prize
    1 1 Basic and working design rights
     2  1  KRW 50,000,000
     3  1  KRW 20,000,000
    Honorable Mention Up to 10 KRW 1,000,000
    For fair and transparent judgment, the Seoul Metropolitan Government selected a prominent panel of five judges from the fields of architecture and landscaping, including Toyo Ito, a Japanese architect and recipient of the 2013 Pritzker Prize; and Professor Francisco Sanin of Syracuse University in the United States, who was the curator of the Gwangju Biennale.

    For registration guidance and other information, please refer to the homepage of the Mapo Oil Reserve Base International Design Competition (www.mapodepot.org).

    < Current Status of the Mapo-gu Oil Reserve Base>

    ○ Location and Area
    – Location: areas around Mapo-gu, Seongsan-dong, San 53 -1 (west side of the World Cup Stadium).
    – Area: 101,510㎡.
    – Zoning: natural green district.

    ○ Surrounding Areas
    – Sangam DMC, World Cup Stadium, Haneul Park, Noeul Park, Nanjicheon Park, Pyeonghwa Park, Energy Dream Center, Bulgwangcheon Stream, and Hangang (River).
    – Public Transportation: Sangam DMC Station (Line 6, Gyeongui Line, Airport Railroad) and World Cup Stadium Station (Line 6).

    ○ Oil Storage Tanks
    – The oil storage tanks are surrounded by granite (north) and a retaining wall.
    – Tank Size: Diameter 15.4-37.8m, Height 14-15m, Width 0.9-2.3cm.
    – Retaining Wall Size: Diameter 21.4-46.8m, Height 3.8-7.5m, Width 2-3m.

    Competition Notification