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  • How Many Movies Do Seoul Citizens Watch?

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    (Source: Mayor of London, The World Cities Culture Report 2014 / Korean Film Council, Korean Film Industry Report)

    ▶ In 2014, Seoul citizens went to the movies 5.9 times on average, which is the highest among major cities in the world.

    London had the second highest number of cinema admissions per capita at 5.3, followed by Paris at 4.9, and Toronto and Sydney at 4.8. Among Korean cities, Seoul reported the highest number of cinema admissions per capita. The average number of cinema admissions per capita in Korea was recorded at 4.2.


    ▶ Although more foreign films were screened in Seoul than Korean films, the number of viewers per Korean film was higher with 65,000 viewers.

    In 2014, a total of 1,138 foreign films (73.8%) and 405 Korean films (26.2%) were screened in Seoul, showing 2.9 times more foreign films than Korean. However, the total amount of sales per film was KRW 520 million, and the average number of viewers was 65,000, which are both higher than those of foreign films.


    ▶ The proportions of the number of viewers and total sales in theaters in Seoul were the highest in Korea at 28.9% and 27.7%, respectively.

    A total of 59.51 million people (28.9%) viewed films in Seoul in 2014, and the total amount of sales was KRW 480.8 billion (27.7%). The total amount of sales for movie theaters in Seoul has shown a steady rise over the past five years, while the number of viewers rose dramatically in 2012 (18.1%) and dwindled slightly in 2014 (-0.1%).