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  • Manila, Philippines to Acquire Seoul’s ‘Smart City’ Know-How

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    Three directors of disaster prevention from the City of Pasig in Metro Manila, Philippines will be visiting Seoul for three days starting March 4 to acquire know-how for the creation of a smart city from Seoul, which has been ranked ‘No. 1 in E-Government’ since 2003.

    Last May, Seoul dispatched an on-site inspection team upon invitation of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) to give a presentation on an autonomous, high-speed communication infrastructure, measures for creation of a CCTV control center, and the intelligent traffic system for construction of a smart city, and led a discussion on application measures.

    The team visited the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority and the Metropolitan Integrated Control Center to analyze the urban infrastructure of Metropolitan Manila and share know-how. This visit was arranged for the promotion of actual project for induction of additional city buses and construction of an intelligent traffic system.

    The visiting team plans to tour the Seoul Network Operating Center and the Seoul Cyber Security Center to learn about the autonomous information and communications network through the use of a subway tunnel, the intelligent cyber security system that protects citizens’ personal information and administrative data, and smart city infrastructure with plans to discuss substantial and cooperative measures.

    The City of Pasig operates 15 city buses in Metro Manila, and Seoul will share the key know-how of Seoul’s smart traffic policies, including the Seoul Transport Operation and Information Service (TOPIS), the Bus Information System (BIS), and the Bus Management System (BMS).

    Manila, Philippines to Acquire Seoul’s ‘Smart City’ Know-How
    Visit to the Metro Manila Metropolitan Integrated Control Center Presentation of Smart City Excellent Policy Seminar Meeting with the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority