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[2012] Mayor’s Speech

  • Making Seoul safer for women

  • [2012] Mayor’s Speech SMG 1112

    Launching the Seoul Metropolitan City Women Safety Scouts

    Date: May 27, 2012
    Venue: Multipurpose Hall, Seoul City Hall

    I congratulate you on being selected as members of the “Women Safety Scouts”.

    We are all scared when we hear of crimes that have been committed in this city. Regrettably, in Seoul last year, there were over 4,900 cases of sex-related crimes, such as rape and sexual molestation.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government recognizes that urban safety is a basic right of all citizens, and to address the issue, it will first beef up security in cooperation with the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. In addition, by introducing “crime prevention through urban design,” we are focusing on preventing crime by eliminating or altering environments that are particularly prone to crime.

    One of the main pillars of crime prevention efforts is the citizens. As citizens form stronger relationships and more people are seen on the streets, the risk of crime will decrease significantly.

    The Women Safety Scouts program aims to prevent crime through the efforts of citizens themselves and create jobs as well. It’s also nice to know that many women have applied for the job. Thanks to your effort and dedication, Seoul will become a safer and more secure metropolitan city. I look forward to your active participation.