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  • Maeum (Heart) Pharmacy Wins Award at Cannes Lions

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    The healing project “Maeum (Heart) Pharmacy,” implemented by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture in cooperation with HSAD, won the silver and bronze prizes for the LIONS HEALTH Pharma sector of Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

    The Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture produced a video entry for the festival based on the Maeum (Heart) Pharmacy run by the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG), and submitted the work to Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity under the title of “REMEDIES FOR THE SOUL.”

    Video link: http://youtu.be/gAp6c1FnZKY

    Maeum (Heart) Pharmacy, run by the SMG, is a vending machine that offers a cultural prescription for the weary hearts of people today and heals their hearts. In order to use the pharmacy, all you need to do is insert 500 won into the vending machine, press one of the 20 numbers of symptoms you need a prescription for, and get a cultural prescription based on the symptom. Various fun items stocked with the support of companies such as movie tickets, vitamin tablets, Band-Aids, etc. are provided. A total of 47,019 citizens participated in the project so far, and a total of 23,509,500 won was raised as donations. The donated funds will be reused to promote the campaign.

    The 1st <Maeum (Heart) Pharmacy>: Seoul Citizens Hall located on the first ground floor of the Seoul City Hall
    The 2nd <Maeum (Heart) Pharmacy>: Seoul Theater Center, Daehangno