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  • Made in Changsin-dong

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    Made in Changsin-dong

    Changsin-dong is one of the working-class neighborhoods. Clothes made in the 3,000 small needlework factories here are supplied to nearby Dongdaemun Cloth Market. The existence of Changsin-dong has been barely recognized, overshadowed by Dongdaemun Cloth Market. The exhibit held this time is intended to put the spotlight on Changsin-dong, which has led the development of the garments industry in Seoul.

    It was toward the end of the 1970s that needlework factories with cramped spaces were opened one after the other in residential areas in Changsin-dong. Originally, factories supplying goods to the Dongdaemun Cloth Market were mostly located in nearby Pyeonghwa Cloth Market. Toward the end of the 1970s, it became difficult to employ workers under conditions of low wages and long work hours due to increasingly brisker labor union activities. Such difficulty led to the dispersion of small-sized needlework factories in nearby areas, including Changsin-dong.

    The event is held simultaneously at the Seoul Museum of History and factories in Changsin-dong. Local residents and artists actively took part in the preparation.

    • Event period: May 30, 2013 ~ July 21, 2013
    • Place: Seoul Museum of History
    • For inquiries, please call: +82-2-724-0274~6
    • No admission fee
    • Contents: An exhibition about everyday lives of locals in Changsin-dong, where there are many small-sized clothes factories

    Made in Changsin-dong