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  • Mabet van Rensburg

  • Recommendation 1505

    Dear Selection Committee,
    I had the privilege of living in Korea for four years from February 2010 – December 2013. During this period, I served as the Deputy Head of Mission at the South African Embassy in Seoul. What I realized it hat for foreigners, getting access to authentic Korean Culture, was problematic – if not impossible. It was also admittedly a result of the fact that seo few foreigners speak Korean. It was during this period, and due to my wish to understand what made this great nation tick, that i met Sonja Glaser. Without her dedication and love to Korean Culture, I would have missed out on so many wonderful experiences that allowed me to understand and appreciate this ancient culture.

    Thus I would like to nominate Ms Sonja Glaser as Honorary Citizen of Seoul.
    Kindly refer to the full recommendation below attached for further reference.

    Thank you and best regards,

    Mabet von Rensburg
    Deputy Director – South East Asia II
    Department of International Relations and Cooperation