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  • Lunar New Year Celebration at Namsan Hanok Village

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    From January 28th to 29th, 2017, Seoul will hold an event at the Namsan Hanok Village to celebrate Seollal, the first day of the Korean lunar calendar which is Jan 28 this year. The “Odaegam Seollal Feast” will be held at Namsan Hanok Village’s five houses of Yangban, the traditional ruling class of dynastic Korea, featuring a variety of programs including folk games, traditional performances, and handcraft experiences that have been held on New Year’s Day in the past.

    This event will recreate traditional seasonal customs in order to help citizens relive the meaning and customs of Seollal and experience the traditions, for example through the explanation of ancestral memorial rites. In addition, various experiential events will be held to share the excitement of the holiday. Visitors can experience traditional crafts, bow making, and Hanji crafts that cannot easily be seen in everyday life.

    Visitors who have stamps on the event leaflets provided at the general information center can receive the New Year calendar of 2017 produced by Namsan Hanok Village. Various items are also prepared for the prize of the armchairs contest.

    “Odaegam Seollal Feast” of Namsan Hanok Village

    ❍ Period: From Saturday January 28th to Sunday January 29th (two days in total)
    ❍ Time: 11 am to 5 pm
    ❍ Location: Namsan Hanok Village.
    ❍ Main Programs
    ‣ Seasonal Customs: Tteokguk eating, Korea traditional memorial service table explanation,
    and Others
    ‣ Performance: Ganggangsullae, Folk song performance, Pungmul and Others
    ‣ Market Place: Farm products market, food trucks
    ❍ Fee: Admission is free, Participation fee may apply to certain activities
    ❍ Inquiry : hanokmaeul.or.kr or 82-2-2261-0500