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City of Seoul

  • Tour of Ancient Palaces Wearing Hanbok
    [Love in Seoul]

  • City of Seoul SMG 2536

    Marie, a French woman residing in Seoul, heads out to experience Seoul with her younger sister Camille!

    Visit the ancient palaces in Seoul to discover the traditional beauty of Korea. The five ancient palaces in Seoul, Gyeongbokgung, Changdeokgung, Changgyeonggung, Deoksugung, and Gyeonghuigung, are well-known for their unique beauty. Rent a hanbok from one of the many affordable rental shops near each palace and tour the five palaces for free. Touring ancient palaces while wearing a hanbok has become a sensation among Korean female students. Recently, foreign tourists are also joining the trend. Tour ancient palaces in traditional Korean garments and take pictures to commemorate your special moment.

    Hanbok Five Ancient Palaces