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  • Long-anticipated「Seoul Memorial Park」Finally Completed after 14 Years

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    The opening ceremony for Seoul Memorial Park, a long-anticipated project to relieve Seoul’s cremation crisis, will be held on December 14 at 11am, as the construction work has finally been completed after 14 long years. The park will undergo one month of inspections before welcoming its first guest on January 16th, 2012.

     Aerial View of Seoul Memorial Park (Cremation facility / park)

    Seoul Memorial Park, which takes the shape of dedicating a flower to 37,000 ㎡ wide area at Cheonggyesan (Mt.), is the first urban area cremation facility in Korea.

    Constructed as an eco-friendly facility, the park comprises eleven advanced incinerators, enabling up to 65 cremations per day. For user convenience, exclusive entry/exit roads and an attractive park have been built.

     Complete view of Seoul Memorial Park building

    Due to the particular characteristics of a cremation facility, local residents demanded that the facility be unnoticeable from the outside. In response, the entire building of Seoul Memorial Park has been built underground in such a way that it resembles part of the park when viewed from the exterior.

    Seoul Memorial Park’s incinerators use the ‘counter-flow combustion method,’ in which the re-combustion path is positioned at the bottom of the main combustion path. This counter-flow type of incinerator moves combustible matter from the top to the bottom during four combustion processes, consequently generating no fumes whatsoever. The facility has been evaluated as a high-tech incinerator which guarantees completely smoke-free and odorless combustion.

     Sculpture in the courtyard of the cremation facility

    In addition, Seoul has built an art gallery at the cremation facility to enable the staging of exhibitions and performances, as part of its plan to make the park the best new concept of integrated cultural facility in the world.

    Seoul Memorial Park also boasts the latest software, such as its operating system, which provides a ‘one-stop’ service for the first time in Korea.

    Using the automated system of the one-stop service, customers can input selected options in the computer at the time of registration, whereupon all procedures are handled swiftly until the cremation process is over.