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  • Loans for ‘Seoul-type’ Green Technology R&D and Double-insulated Windows

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    Seoul Metropolitan Government is providing support for ‘Seoul-type’ green technology R&D with a high possibility of commercialization in the sectors of new and renewable energy production and energy efficiency improvement.

    Since 2010 Seoul Metropolitan Government has pushed ahead with the project to develop and use green technologies related to new and renewable energy and to improve energy efficiency, quality, and living environment.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to disseminate commercialized technologies developed through the project to the private sector with a view to creating jobs and to use them to enhance the competitiveness of the Seoul-type green industry.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government will also provide loans to households that install double-insulated windows, heat insulation materials, and highly efficient boilers. The loans are intended to cover up to 80% of the replacement costs up to a maximum of 10 million won.

    With the implementation of the energy consumption certification system, effective from February of this year, it has become obligatory to attach an energy consumption evaluation certificate to transaction contracts for apartments in an apartment complex comprising 500 households or more. As such, energy efficiency has emerged as a matter of great concern for the residents of large apartment complexes.

    A total of 178 households applied for loans for the installation of heat-insulated windows in connection with the Energy Efficiency Improvement Project conducted by Seoul Metropolitan Government in 2012. Seoul Metropolitan Government is studying ways to supply good-quality heat-insulated windows to households at affordable prices.