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  • Line 7 Banpo Station Transforms into a “Complex Cultural Living Space”

  • SMG 1690

    Banpo Station on Seoul Subway Line 7 will transform into a complex cultural living space.
    In February 2018, Seoul Metro opened the Digital Civil Safety Experience Center on B1 floor of Banpo Station, and was followed by the opening of the Subway Safety Information Hall and the Health & Life Care Zone.

    The Subway Safety Information Hall, which held its opening ceremony on November 12, is organized of seven themed zones featuring subway construction, operation, accidents, safety system, future safety system, games, and more throughout the total ground space of 220㎡.

    In the Construction Zone, there is the three-dimensional cross-section of the underpass tunnel subway section and the structural model of the Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station, the transfer station of Lines 2, 4, and 5. Actual tracks, relics of safety equipment, and models of electric trains by time period will also be on display.

    Types of accidents from the Seoul Subway’s past will be exhibited chronologically. Visitors will get the chance to see the Smart Safety Control Center, platform safety control system, and other safety systems managed by Seoul Metro to prevent accidents. A safety game system will also be available for visitors to experience.

    The Digital Civil Safety Experience Center also further expanded its experiential equipment and installed three electric train experience machines that are used to train engineers.

    The Health & Life Care Zone is a space that provides services for living convenience. The Care Zone is comprised of a fitness center, a study café, a travel information café operated by a travel agency, and an unmanned laundry room. Banpo Station’s downtown area that failed to undergo revitalization based on the clustered residential area surrounding the station was improved as a lifestyle-friendly space. A kids’ gym is also scheduled to open in the Care Zone.

    Complex Cultural Living Space
    Subway Safety Information Hall
    Subway Safety Information Hall
    Digital Civil Safety Experience Center
    Digital Civil Safety Experience Center
    Health & Life Care Zone
    Health & Life Care Zone