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  • The Light of Seoul

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    The Light of Traditional and Culture
    The Light of Future and Culture
    The light of Seoul, a city with a 2000-year history. A beautiful banquet of light begins.
    Seoulight & Seoulite
    LUCI AGM in SEOUL 2016
    The City, Emanating the Light of Life
    Light, the greatest invention in human history. Meaningful urban lighting that enriches our lives.
    LUCI(Lighting Urban Community International)
    Founded 2002 / Size 68 cities and 40 associated members / The year Seoul joined 2007
    Lighting Urban Community International created in 2002. The LUCI network brings together cities and lighting professionals to pursue sustainable urban lighting and use it as a tool for achieving sustainable urban, social, and economic development.
    LUCI AGM in Seoul 2016
    Dates 11.2~11.6 / Venus Dongdaemun Design Plaza(DDP) / Participants 1,000(200 foreigners, 800 Koreans)
    2016 LUCI AGM Seoul is a network made up of around 100 members, comprising about 68 cities, covering 4 continents and 40 associated members and urban lighting related organizations, associations and individuals. Serving to enhance Seoul status, the festival will begin at the DDP, a landmark in Seoul.
    Seoul, a city full of light for its citizens
    2008 and 2014 LUCI international city. People. Light awards
    The Lighting of the 2008 Cheonggyecheon Stream Restoration Project
    First prize at the international city.people.light awards
    2013 Hangang Park Lighting Design Project
    Second prize at the international city.people.light awards
    Seoul, a global city of 10 million people with a beautiful urban night view that has won 2 international lighting awards.
    Set media façade guidelines
    Designate media façade installation and operation zone / Contents deliberation / Recommend period of operation
    Smart street lighting reduces energy use by 70%.
    Development of a Smart Lighting City
    2014: 271GW at KRW 3.45 billion
    Cost reduction
    2020: 84GW at KRW 10.7 billion
    Seoul, a smart lighting city designed to achieve optimum energy savings.
    Seoul, a City of Light that Cares about the People
    Light Pollution Prevention Plan
    Designation of the world’s first Environmental Lighting Zone
    Protected Green Spaces
    Productive Green Spaces
    Residential Area
    Commercial Area
    Industrial Area
    Seoul, a city of light that cares about the people, preventing light pollution and enhancing the quality of citizens’ lives. Seoul is reinforcing its national competitiveness in terms of future urban lighting.
    Winner of the Seoul Good Light Award
    Seoul’s top 10 most beautiful night views according to Seoul citizens
    Working together with citizens to create light culture, the light of Seoul is becoming the language of emotion and the window of communication to the world.
    2016 LUCI, Colored by the Light of Seoul
    Haneul Park
    Find true relaxation in Seoul, a city of passion
    Bukchon Hanok Village
    Hanyangdoseong, the Seoul City Wall
    Changing of the Guard at Gyeongbokgung Palace
    Traditional dance / Samulnori
    Musical (Sachoom / Jump)
    Breakout / Modeum Buk
    Enchanted by Korea’s traditional culture and beauty
    Traditional food
    A chance for happiness in Seoul
    Street food
    Meet the true Seoul of your dreams
    Gwangjingyo Bridge
    Dongjak Grand Bridge
    Cheongdam Grand Bridge
    Banghwa Grand Bridge
    Seonyudo Rainbow Bridge
    Some Sevit
    Where diverse lights come together to become one special light of Seoul.
    The unique city tour and moving urban lighting of Seoul
    Come and enjoy the unique city tour and moving urban lighting of Seoul.
    I • SEOUL • U
    너와 나의 서울
    You are invited to the 2016 LUCI Annual General Meeting in Seoul
    You are invited to the 2016 LUCI Annual General Meeting in Seoul.
    Dates: 11. 2 (Wed) ~ 11. 6 (Sun), 2016
    Venue: Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP)