Seoul Trail


Introduction to Stamp Tour

28 Seoul Trail stamp impressions

※ We issue a special certificate for trail-walkers who collect all 28 stamp impressions.

Seoul Trail features 28 stamping locations with mailbox-shaped structures. Each of them has a stamp, whose impression shows that you were there. As you see below, each stamp features a unique story about the location. Stamp impressions left in your stamp book will help you remember where you visited along Seoul Trail.

Map and Stamp Book

  • 1. Please check to see the availability of maps and stamp books along Seoul Trail in advance.
  • 2. It is advisable to take your own stamp pad with you. (Stamp pads provided on the trail may be in
    poor condition, being exposed to open air for long periods of time.)

Offices where maps and stamp books are provided

Seoul Trail Information Center 779-7902~4
Customer Service Center, Seoul City Hall 2133-7904~5
Seoul Changpowon Administrative Office 070-4465-7905~6
Achasan Mountain Administrative Office 450-1655
Yangjae Citizen’s Forest Administrative Office 575-3895
Gwanaksan Mountain Administrative Office 879-6561
  • Map


  • Map


  • Map (open-view)

    Map (open-view)

How to Get the Seoul Trail Completion Certificate

How to Get the Seoul Trail Completion Certificate

Procedure for getting the Seoul Trail Completion Certificate

Please visit a Seoul Trail Information Center. They will issue you a certificate after checking the 28 stamp impressions and asking you to fill out a survey questionnaire.

Relevant centers

Relevant centers
Seoul Changpowon 070-4465-7905~6
Seoul Trail Information Center

Seoul Trail Directional Signs

  • Information signs

    Information signs

  • Directional signs

    Directional signs

  • Forest signs

    Forest signs

  • Downtown signs

    Downtown signs

  • Stand-alone signs

    Stand-alone signs

  • Post signs

    Post signs

  • Ribbon signs

    Ribbon signs

  • Street signs

    Street signs