Hangang (River)


Information as of 21 Feb, 2017
Located in the southern part of the riverside between Jamsilcheolgyo and Yeongdongdaegyo, Jamsil Hangang Park offers one of the best access to sports and cultural facilities as it is located close to Jamsil Sports Complex, Lotte World, and Olympic Park. The Nature Learning Center, well adorned with various kinds of flowers and crops, is a popular place for children who want to learn about nature and for families who want to have a picnic. A fish ladder in Jamsil Submerged Weir lets people of all ages feel the lively spirits of Hangang. Also, its ecology program is another source of pride at Jamsil Hangang Park.

  • Area size : 539,071 ㎡ / length: 4.8 ㎞ (Sungnaecheongyo – Central Yeongdongdaegyo)  
  • Location : 65, Hangaram-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul (101, Jamsil-dong) 
  • Tel : +82-2-3780-0511
Facilities Information
  • Sports facilities: 1 track, 1 youth
    square, 6 gateball courts, 1 foot volleyball court, and 2 volleyball courts
  • Swimming pool: 27.945㎡ (3 pools)
  • Cruise dock: one-way or round-trip
  • Cruise and yacht service providers:
    C & Hangang Land (motor boat), Secret Garden (yacht)
  • Bike rental

 - Location: in front of the cruise dock
(open from March to November)

 - Accommodation: 100 people

Nature Learning Center


Jamsildaegyo Observatory


Jamsil cruise


Jamsil swimming pool