Hangang (River)


Information as of 21 Feb, 2017

Yanghwa Hangang Park stretches from the mouth of Saetgang in Yeouido to Gayangdaegyo in Gangseo-gu. The large lawn field on the riverbank offers a great view that is rarely seen in other places. The restored ecological park in Seonyudo and the world’s highest World Cup Fountain (202 m in height) near Seongsandaegyo are right across Seonyugyo, which is near the park. The bike lane stretches from the mouth of Saetgang in Yeouido to Gayangdaegyo. In particular, the bike lane, which is just under Seonyugyo blossoms with gorgeous roses from May, offering a great view to take pictures with loved ones and families.  

  • Area size : 361,628 ㎡  / length: 5.9 ㎞  
  • Location : 221, Nodeul-ro, Yeoungdeungpo-gu, Seoul (98-1, Dangsan-dong) 
  • Tel : +82-2-3780-0581
Facilities Information
  • Sports facilities: 1 soccer field,
    2 basketball courts, and 2 volleyball courts

Yanghwadaegyo Observatory



Yanghwa 2

Upper side of Seonyugyo

Yanghwa 3

Time Garden 

Yanghwa 4