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Seoul Library

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The former City Hall, that used to be the center of city affairs, is now coming to citizens as a main library in Seoul. The library offers over 200,000 books, book shelves along 5m-high walls, Disability Collections, and Seoul Documents Collections. It also offers a comprehensive search tool to identify materials among 320 libraries in Seoul. In addition, the library restored the outer wall, halls, and the main stairway of the former City Hall that had been built in 1926, symbolizing the historical heritage of Seoul. Seoul Library will be the “Information Hub of Seoul and Center of Libraries in Seoul” and “Representative Library in Seoul” that creates and implements programs for the libraries in Seoul.

The National Library of Korea

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This is Korea’s largest library with 5.94 million books.

National Assembly Library

Located next to the National Assembly Building in Yeouido, the National Assembly Library plays a similar role to the Library of Congress in the United States, providing lawmakers with prompt access to accurate information. 

Namsan Library

The Namsan Public Library rests on Namsan (Mountain) in Yongsan. It houses a rich body of resources. The library is equally famous for its scenic view of the Hangang (River) and the nation’s capital, and is also popular for its picturesque surroundings in spring and fall.