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  • Date     April 30 (Thurs) ~ May 10 (Sun), 2015
    Core Program: April 30 (Thurs) ~ May 3 (Sun), 2015
  • Venue     World Trade Center and Yeongdong-daero
  • Target     Three million tourists at home and abroad
  • Organizer     World Trade Center MICE Cluster Committee (


Convergence Culture / Captivation

  • The world’s only festival that combines culture, art, and craftsmanship.
  • Fill the heart of Korean business with a variety of cultures!
  • A place where three million tourists from home and abroad gather together.


Category Specific Event Content Location
Asia Mania A cultural event with presentations by Korea,
China, Japan, and Russia! Asian cultural exchange exhibitions, including cultural contents, tourism, etc.
Halls A1~4
Creative U Meet the new players of Hallyu! Collaboration of creative companies and artists Hall B1,Free Function, Plaza
Culture-Tech Fair A leap forward in the age of culture and technology! Technology that creates culture and vise versa Halls C1~3
Grand Sourcing Fair Major buyers invited from all around the world Business counseling sessions Conference Rooms 317~318
Concert A combination of K-POP, the core of Hallyu, and cutting-edge performance technology! Hall D



The C-Festival Cinema Party is a film festival held at Megabox.

On May 1, three films, including Avengers 2 (tentative), will be played under the title “Movie All Night C-Festival Edition” at the Megabox M2 Theater in the COEX.

On May 8, at a plaza located at the east side of the COEX, the “Starred Film Festival” will present a unique experience together with food, performances, and the film “Begin Again.”



Beer Festa, which will be held from April 30 to May 3, is a craft beer festival prepared for visitors at home and abroad. Participants are given the rare opportunity to purchase craft beers from twelve breweries while enjoying food from around the world.

Also, in the event zone, a fashionable stencil tattoo service will be provided.



“SM Town at COEX Artium” is a cultural complex where an incredible variety of K-Pop culture is enjoyed by visitors.
The space consists of the “Welcome Zone” (1F), with photos of SM Entertainment artists; “SUM” (2F), a lifestyle star shop; “SM Town Studio” (3F), where experience and training sessions like those of actual SM singers are offered; “LIVEary Café” (4F), where dishes developed based on the concept of SM Entertainment artists are presented; and Korea’s largest hologram theater (5~6F), which integrates content and cutting-edge technology.

There is also a concert hall with variable acoustics that has been infused with state-of-the-art information technology, such as virtual reality and IoT, throughout the entire space. With the application of BEACON, text messages from stars can be received during the performance. On May 10, at the closing ceremony, the SM Celeb Concert will be held with the participation of EXO, BOA, and Red Velvet.



Globally, collaboration products have increased their value by maintaining their scarcity and uniqueness, but more and more consumers are becoming tired of collaboration products that simply end up offering the same images again and again. Thus, C-Festival Creative U will present excellent cases of collaboration while also suggesting the future direction of collaboration products.

- Brilliant Memories

From April 30 to May 3, special exhibitions based on memories and stories involving cars and featuring artworks and photos taken together with customers will be showcased.

- Creative Absolut

Along with the artworks on display, Creative Absolut offers a wide range of programs that encourage customers to participate in creating artworks first-hand. In addition, during C-Festival 2015, from April 30 to May 3, a variety of events will be held, including K Fashion & Beauty (presenting imitations of the fashion of Hallyu stars), which offers the audience a glance of Hallyu trends, as well as a webtoon drawing event, Taekwondo performance, and food event where participants enjoy food favored by K-Pop stars (chicken and beer, Korean lunch boxes, etc.).

* The specific schedule and program content are subject to change depending on the circumstances of the festival.