2016 Seoul Garden Show


2015 Seoul Garden Show

2016 Seoul Garden Show2016 Seoul Garden Show2016 Seoul Garden Show


Gardens bring happiness to people and enhance the quality of their life.

Children need to grow with nature. Adults tired of busy city life need places to take a rest. Gardens are places that help meet such needs of children and adults.

The 2016 Seoul Garden Expo is designed to help people nourish garden-related culture. The annual event held this year will provide more special events that invite people’s participation. You will find a variety of things to see, foods to eat, and games to play at the expo.


Period 10/3/2016 – 10/9/2016 (for 7 days)
Location Pyeonghwa Park inside the World Cup Park
Slogan Gardens are My Dear Friends.
Theme “With gardens, you can spend your daily lives in nature.”
Homepage http://festival.seoul.go.kr/garden (in Korean)


2016 Gardens in Seoul