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Enjoying Seoul

Information on historical and modern culture in Seoul.
New Spots in Seoul → Witness the regeneration projects in Seoul, born out of restoring precious memories and values rather than knocking down buildings and building everything up from scratch.
Festivals in Seoul
Expos of Seoul → - Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism - Seoul Garden Show
Temple Stay → Temple Stay is an opportunity to become one with nature while experiencing the culture and daily life of a temple.
Monthly Event Calendar → These are current events operated  by Seoul Metropolitan Government.
Traditional Culture → Information about Seoul’s traditional culture, as well as about facilities and events in which visitors can experience traditional culture, is provided.
Cultural Facilities → Information about cultural facilities such as museums, art galleries, and libraries in Seoul is provided.
Shopping → Information about Seoul’s representative shopping culture, department stores, duty-free stores, and antique shops is provided.
Food → Information about Korean food culture such as traditional food, recommended food, and street food is provided.
City Experience → Information about the city tour bus, which is a popular course that takes riders to Seoul’s major tourist spots within a specified time, as well as information about walking tours, is provided.
Sports & Leisure → Information about popular sports and leisure options, such as swimming, marine sports, and tennis, as well as information about major leisure facilities, is provided.