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List of Global Seoul Mates

  • Li Annie

  • List of Global Seoul Mates SMG 1374

    I love Korea, and I wish more people notice the beauty of this country.

    I personally didnt have any interest about Korea until I actually went to Seoul as an exchange student and stayed for a semester in Ewha Womans University in 2010. During those days, I joint different activities about travelling in Korea and had met new Korean friends. With their help I started to learn more about the country and I totally fall in love with it, and also the people, the food, the culture… everything.

    One of the remarkable activities I joint was called Korea Tourism Brand Leaders 2 organised by Korea Tourism Board. It was an 3-month activity where a team of international students with a local Korean student were sponsored to travel around Korea and after that promote their trips via any SNS platforms. This was also the reason I started writing my blog – mine is written in Chinese, while my team members wrote theirs in English. Our team Coreal had been working hard and we ended up getting the second prize.

    As for my blog, not only did it feature my activities with the Brand Leaders, but also my own travel notes during those few months. There are indeed endless notes I can write since I have been travelling around in those months. I havent been updating travel notes recently but I am visiting Seoul again in late March this year and have planned to share my trip with my readers.

    From the statistics I learn readers are usually attracted by informative posts, example includes my post about the new routes to Nami Island written at the end of 2010 – the post still attracts visits even though it is now 2012. So when I write my posts I will try to put myself in travelers shoes, that is to provide useful sources in hopes to help them planning their trip.

    Some friends of mine dont realize how much Korea has changed. Many of them visited Seoul 10 years ago and thought it was a boring city. I wish to clarity this by showing them how vibrant the city is and how easy to travel around in recent years. To me, even though I have been to many places in Korea, Korea is still on the top of my travel wishlist – I just never get tired of her. Hopefully through various promotions and also thoughtful assistance from any Korean tourism organisations, more people will realize the charm of the country.