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  • Level 5 Vehicles to be limited in Green Transport Zone in the city center with its test program from July 1

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    • Detailed plan and progress to date on the 100th National Sports Festival is announced to prepare for a sports festival of peace, harmony and deep impression
    • The torch relay will cover a minimum of 17 cities with 1,100 participants including citizens and sports stars
    • The Bank of Korea will issue its first National Sports Festival commemorating coins numbering 10,000. The real coins shall be disclosed on June 26 and pre-reservation is available July 4.
    • A variety of events await the guests and audience including K-pop star concert, a choir composed of citizens, foreigners and the physically challenged and the fireworks over the Hangang River
    • Seoul gears up to welcome the guests by providing 3,714 buses and rental cars as well as matching accommodations for overseas Korean athletes visiting from 15 countries

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, June 28, 2019 – The center of Seoul within the Seoul City Wall will become a place where people can have a fresher breath and take a nicer walk than now.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government designated the inner area of the Seoul City Wall as the green transportation zones to make a cleaner and fresher urban place in March 2017. It also set up the urban-tailored special comprehensive measures in August 2018 including restructuring roads and limiting the operation of vehicles whose level is below the eco-friendly grade. The green transportation zones include neighborhoods in Jongno-gu (such as Hyoja-dong, Sajik-dong, Samcheong-dong, Gahoe-dong, Jongno 1,2,3,4-dong, Jongno 5,6-dong, Ihwa-dong, Hyehwa-dong) and even ones in Jung-gu (such as Sogong-dong, Hoehyeon-dong, Myeong-dong, Pil-dong, Jangchung-dong, Gwanghui-dong, Euljiro-dong).

    As part of special comprehensive measures for the green transportation zone, the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced the comprehensive measures against fine dusts for living zones this April and the limit on the operation of vehicles with level 5 in emission gas level in the green transportation zones. Starting this July, the pilot program to limit the level 5 vehicles will be started in the city center.

    Stabilizing the system and monitoring the traffic status of grade five vehicles during the test period

    All level 5 vehicles are subject to the limit of operation in green transportation zones from this July. Exception is applied for low-pollution vehicles, emergency vehicles, vehicles of the handicapped, vehicles owned by a person of national merit for the purpose of making a living and the shared vehicles for the national special purpose.

    The timeline for hourly-based operation limit will be decided during the test period. Consideration is being made to put the operation limit in between 6 am to 9 pm. The city government will monitor and analyze the traffic status of level 5 vehicles and listen to local residents and shop owners living or working in the green transportation zones that will be reflected for final decision. The limit on operation in the green transportation zones is not only for weekdays but also for Saturday and holidays.

    The integrated platform for auto traffic management system completely established and its ICT technology for real-time traffic monitoring and crackdown to be used

    The integrated platform for auto traffic management system is to enable the practical limit on driving in green transportation zones. It is built up through cutting edge information and communication technology such as AI, IoT and big data. The system has the following three functions:

    Auto Traffic Management: The system’s car plate recognition function automatically recognizes the car plates at four points in the major entry and exit roads within the Seoul City Wall. It can conduct the crackdown and also send the notification text message to inform the crackdown to drivers. It also performs the real-time monitoring for in and out vehicles and counts the traffic. The Seoul Metropolitan Government will utilize the AI and deep learning technology to improve the system so that it can recognize the car plate numbers with a high level of accuracy late at night or in the heavy weather condition such as rain and snow.

    Mobile Notification: It will provide the notification service about limit on driving through mobile notification for level 5 vehicle drivers starting from the test program.

    Pre-registration Payment: If drivers register the payment method such as ZeroPay (money transfer) in advance, drivers can make the real-time automatic payment for penalty, traffic jam fee and public parking station through “ok green payment (oksign.seoul.go.kr)” Website, which will be opened soon. From July 1st, drivers can register the payment method. Real-time automatic payment is available starting from October.

    Providing the subsidy of up to 3 million won to those who are living in the green transportation zones and those who run the vehicles for the purpose of making a living but participate in the early car scrap scheme

    Meanwhile, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will provide the subsidy for residents living in green transportation zones and driving the level 5 vehicles for the purpose of making a living with low pollution measures applied.

    < Performance of low pollution application over the last 3 years >

    Performance of low pollution application over the last 3 years
    Year Total Automobile Construction equipment LPG freight vehicle
    Sum DPF Early scrap PM-NOx and etc. Sum DPF Engine replacement
    2016 17,075 16,600 4,714 10,446 1,440 475 159 316
    2017 28,751 27,515 3,876 23,468 171 1,236 972 264
    2018 37,259 36,345 11,649 24,522 174 914 364 550
    June, 2019 38,130 37,882 9,425 28,310 147 198 77 121 50

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government assigned around 90 billion won (204 billion won in total) as the additional budget to expand the low pollution project for level 5 vehicles this year. It will provide support for residents living in green transportation zone and for drivers running vehicles for the purpose of making a living first so that they can attach the gas reduction device on their cars. The city government will provide the subsidy with cap amount from 1.65 million won up to 3 million won only this year for early car scrap. Especially, it provides 100% subsidy for the pollution reduction device for the vehicles with the purpose of making a living for beneficiary of national basic livelihood, Lower income family while providing 90% subsidy for the other vehicles.