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  • Level 4 Social Distancing in the Seoul Metropolitan Area Maintained from Sep. 6 to Oct. 3

  • Welfare, Health & Security News SMG 35766

    Level 4 New social distancing guideline

    Adjusted social distancing measures

    (Period) For four weeks from Mon, Sep. 6 to Sun, Oct. 3, 2021 (including Chuseok)

    (Details) Level 4 social distancing maintained in the Seoul metropolitan area, and level 3 in non-metropolitan areas, along with no private gatherings for 5 persons or more, but social distancing levels may be adjusted according to regional situations

    (Vaccinate incentive)Only fully vaccinated persons may be exempt from the private gathering regulations

    • – (Level 4) (Previous) Private gatherings of up to 4 persons allowed until 6 PM, and up to 2 persons after 6 PM, but up to 4 persons including fully vaccinated people allowed for restaurants and cafes after 6 PM
      • → (Modified) Up to 6 persons including fully vaccinated persons allowed for restaurants, cafes, and homes
    • * Private gatherings of up to 4 persons until 6 PM, and up to 2 persons after 6 PM for unvaccinated and 1st dose vaccinated persons
    • – (Level 3 and lower) (Previous) Private gatherings of up to 4 persons allowed in all multi-use facilities and homes
      • → (Modified) Up to 8 persons including fully vaccinated persons allowed to gather
    • * Local governments (seven in total, including Chungbuk, Chungnam, Jeonbuk, Daegu, Gyeongbuk, Gyeongnam, and Gangwon) that previously allowed incentives for fully vaccinated persons now allow private gatherings of up to 8 persons
    • ** Private gatherings of only up to 4 persons for private gatherings for unvaccinated and 1st dose vaccinated persons

    (Restaurants and cafes) Restaurants and cafes regulated for level 4 social distancing are again allowed to close at 10 PM from the previous 9 PM

    (Reasonable adjustments) Reasonably adjusted measures by reflecting on-site opinions to take preventive measures against COVID-19

    • ➊(Weddings) For weddings not providing meals according to level 3 and 4 social distancing regulations, the previous 49-person capacity limit is increased to 99 persons (but limited to 49 persons if providing meals)
      • * The regulation may be applied differently according to movement flow and space during level 3, but up to 99 persons are allowed during level 4
    • ➋(Visitor logs for SSMs) Super supermarkets (SSMs) that are 300 m2 or bigger and general merchandise stores located in regions regulated for level 3 or higher are recommended to keep visitor logs, but can be mandated by local governments
    • ➌(Academic events) Clarified the definition of academic events and the difference from general events to avoid confusion
      • * Academic events, including symposiums, conferences, seminars and workshops, are held or led by universities, research institutions and academic societies to make presentations or discuss academic research results

    (Other on-site requests) There will be no adjustments due to various concerns, such as messages about alleviated COVID-19 protocol and issues of unfairness among business types, but there may be adjustments in the future

    (Future social distancing) Social distancing levels may be lowered starting October if fewer cases are seen, and even if cases remain high, regulations may be alleviated for vaccinated people